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The Cat Network is looking for senior citizens and others willing to open their hearts and homes to beautiful, gentle, mature, senior-aged cats. 

As a “foster parent” of a senior-aged cat, the Cat Network will cover all your expenses for any necessary veterinary check-ups and/or treatment, and will assist with food and cat litter expenses for those in financial need. In addition, our volunteers will help with any necessary transportation needed for your pet. All you provide is a loving home! 

As you may have already guessed, senior-aged cats can be hard to place, since so many families are seeking a pet to last a decade or longer and grow with their children. Our senior-aged animals have proven themselves over the years to have loving, gentle dispositions, and they seek a quiet home and a warm lap to live out the rest of their days. 

Seniors can choose their own foster cats, or we can try to match an animal to a foster parent, based on personal requirements of size, sex, color, and personality. And you can rest easy: if the relationship doesn’t click between you and your animal, or, in the event our foster parents become unable to care for their Cat Network cat, we understand, and will happily take our cats back. 

If you are interested in fostering a Cat Network Senior-aged cat in our Seniors for Seniors program, or if you’re not a senior but still interested in being a foster parent to a cat in need, please call us at 636.386.7877.

Questions or need more info? Email: info@catnetwork.org

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