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Some Cat Network cats have suffered through very hard lives of abuse, malnourishment, disease and/or neglect before they found their way to The Cat Network.  Because we adopt out only the healthiest cats, we must take on expenses and care for the hardship cases ourselves. In some cases, this can mean catastrophically high costs in veterinary bills and medicine to sustain a quality life.

Would you be willing to help? Your one-time gift or regular sponsor donation of $10 or more each month can make a big difference to one of these sweet kitties. Donations of any amount will help to cover their huge vet bills and multiple medications.

Thank you for caring about our special felines. You can make a difference.

Meet Opie!

Opie Opie arrived late in the summer of 2010, down by a few pounds and timid; within a week or two of outdoor feeding, the orange & white cat was begging to be an indoor kitty. Somewhere between the ages of 1 and 3, Opie was a playful and mischievous cat whose goal was (apparently) to help "make the bed"!

By early summer 2011, Opie started sounding like he had hairballs, but there were never any hairballs, only coughing. His foster mom had never seen anything like it and Opie seemed to recover quickly after his coughing fits. Then, in July, he started to have "open mouthed" breathing, as though he had been running through the house; only he hadn't. The odd breathing would go on for a few minutes to an hour or two, but would always subside. As his breathing got progressively worse, Opie visited the vet several times, where a diagnosis of asthma was returned.

A cat with asthma? Before getting his medications Opieregulated, Opie had two incidents of respiratory distress that sent him to the emergency clinic. Lots of medication later, Opie has been able to be kept on a regimented breathing treatment schedule.

He uses an "AeroKat" breathing device that has his inhaler inserted in the end of it. When the squeaky cupboard door opens to alert Opie that it is breathing time, he runs into the kitchen and jumps up on the counter, ready to go! While he wasn't always quite that excited, Opie quickly figured out that if he does his breathing treatments, he gets a snack of some kind -- and Opie loves snacks!

So far, his inhalers have kept respiratory distress at bay, but the inhalers are fairly expensive and there are no "animal" discounts.

Opie is a sweet cat who loves people and deserves a long life! Please consider helping Opie by making a PAWTNERS donation, so that the Cat Network can continue keep him healthy while he looks for a purr-fect permanent home!

We will soon have more Pawtner kitties posted.    Questions? Email: info@catnetwork.org


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