Cat Network Foster Application

Name:      ______________________________________________________      Date:         ______________________________


Address:   ______________________________________________________      City/Zip:    ______________________________


Phone #s:  Home:  _________________________ Work: _________________________ Pager/Cell: ____________________


Email address if applicable:          _________________________ Area of town you live in: (south, west, city, etc.)  ____________


Children? ____   Ages: _____________________________________________________________________________


Pets?  ____   Types & Ages:  __________________________________________________________________________


Have you had cats in the past?  __   If you have young children, have they lived with a cat? ___     Are there any allergies? ____

Are all cats in your household tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids?  ____

Are all animals in your household spayed or neutered?  ____

Are animals in your household up to date on vaccinations?  ____

Have you had any past or current cases of FIP with your cats?  ___                Ringworm? ___  Other contagious feline illness? ____


Are cats in your household?                                                                     Are dogs in your household?

___Indoor only                                                                                           ___ Outdoor only

___Outdoor only                                                                                         ___ Mixture of indoor/outdoor

___Mixture of both                                                                                      ___ Have free roam of neighborhood

                                            If Mixture, check which apply:   

                                                                                                                       ___ Have free roam of fenced in yard

                                                                                                                        ___Have free roam of property                                                                

                                                                                                                        ___ Have dog run

                                                                                                                        ___ Are confined to enclosed area, or on leash only                                        


Method of flea control? _________________________     

Do you have any veterinary or health care training?  ____

If so, please list details: _________________________________________________________________________________


Are you comfortable giving animals medication (not vaccinations)?  ____


Are you willing to learn to give medications or vaccinations?  ____


Do you have a vehicle available to you at all times to transport cats?  ____   Do you have a valid driverís license? ____


Have you ever fed newborn animals?  ___  (not required)

If so, have you:

___  bottle fed

___  syringe fed

___  tube fed

What kind of newborn animals? ________________________________________________________________


Would you be willing to teach whichever of the above you marked to other foster parents? ____


Do you have an area to quarantine your foster cats for an initial period after acceptance?  ____


Will they routinely remain isolated from or be mixed with your personal population?  _________________________________


To help us schedule our food orders and appropriate forms to send you, would you need foster cat food & litter reimbursement:

___ routinely

___ occasionally

(Also, we frequently have donated food & litter that we distribute out to our foster parents and volunteers as well)


Would you prefer to foster (please check as many as you are interested in):

___  newborn kittens      ___  young kittens    ___ older kittens/young adults     ___ adults only     ___ declawed cats only  

___  pregnant mothers    ___  nursing mothers

___ cats that have special needs or with disabilities  (have you had experience in this? ____)


Do you have a time limit you can commit to foster each cat?  (2 weeks, 6 months, until adoption, until shelter built, etc.)


What animal groups have you volunteered with in the past?  _____________________________________________________

What animal groups are you currently involved with? __________________________________________________________


The above information I have submitted is true to the best of my knowledge: (signature)   _____________________________


Please mail this completed form to: The Cat Network  P.O. Box 318, St. Louis, MO  63025

Thank you! A volunteer will be contacting you soon.