Dorene Olson is an animal behavior consultant who has fostered and helped the Cat Network with their feline behavior problems.  She worked from 1990-2001 at Tri-City Animal and Bird Clinic as a technician and Behavioral Counselor and now owns and operates TARA Training and Behavior, LLC, a business devoted to the education of pet owners about positive solutions to their training and behavioral problems. 

There are many typical, TREATABLE, behavior problems which include:

Clawing and other destructive habits

Litterbox problems

Jumping on counters

Fear related problems

Inter-cat or multi-pet problems


Dorene advises that your cat be given a complete examination by a veterinarian, along with any recommended testing or procedures, to rule out physical illness.  If your cat is ill, medical treatment is the essential first step towards treating any behavioral problem. If your cat is healthy, behavior modification can begin immediately.

Initial consults usually last one to two hours, with one to three follow up sessions.  Meetings take place in the privacy of your home, where your catís normal behavior can be observed and discussed in an environment that is not stressful to your cat. Recommendations are then tailored to your family lifestyle, schedule and the problem presented by your cat. All consultations are arranged by appointment only.  Dorene is happy to discuss your situation with you in advance and give you an estimate of the time and cost involved.

For Cat Network clients having problems introducing their newly adopted cats, Dorene provides a brief initial phone consultation free of charge.  Additional consults for Cat Network cats will be given a rescue pet discount.  You will need to give her some information about when you adopted your cat from us and the name of the foster parent, which will be on your adoption papers.

For more information, you may reach Dorene Olson at 314.956.1310, or visit her website at 



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